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Lucky Charm Clover

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Make some Lucky Charm Clovers in 3 sizes with these English Paper Piecing Templates! Use them individually for small projects or combine them for a bigger project. They'll make a cute accent too, on pouches, cushions, nobebook covers, pot holders...the possibilities are endless!

Perfect for your St. Patrick's day crafts!

The three leaf sizes make a complete clover in the following approximate sizes:

Small 4"x4"
Medium 5"x5"
Large 6"x6"

We would love to see your makes, please share using the following hashtag on Instagram, #LuckyCharmClover
You can also find us at @EliseBaek on Instagram and on our website,

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Hope you have a ton of fun with these!

👉 Please do not share or distribute the templates in this PDF file. It is a proprietary design by Elise Baek and is for personal use only.
    Lucky Charm Clover