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Daisy Bloom EDGE PDF Template

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Introducing the Daisy Bloom EDGE English Paper Piecing PDF Templates with 7 EDGE Block sizes to make 7 different sized Daisy Bloom Hexagons! 

One size per page, and multiple pages have been included for those templates that exceed one page to make a full block.

This way you'll just need to check the table of contents to print off the pages you need for a particular size. 

The original Daisy Bloom Hexagon block is approximately 9-3/8" W x 8" H.

The seven sizes included are as follows (approximately):

  • 4-3/4" W x 4" H
  • 7" W x 6" H
  • 9-3/8" W x 8" H
  • 11-3/4" W x 10-1/8" H
  • 14" W x 12-1/8" H
  • 16-3/8" W x 14-1/8" H
  • 18-3/4" W x 16-1/4" H
  • Coloring pages are also included

You will need the Daisy Bloom PDF Templates and the Daisy Bloom EDGE PDF Templates to make the complete Daisy Bloom Hexagon block.

The Daisy Bloom center is a dodecagon surrounded by 12 Daisy Bloom petals and are perfect for using with your precious fabric you've been saving for the perfect small project to showcase them. Add the Daisy Bloom EDGE pieces and you've got yourself a Daily Bloom Hexagon! 

Acrylic templates with a 1/4” seam allowance and 3/8" seam allowance are also available separately, along with paper pieces here: 

Daisy Bloom paper pieces and acrylic templates 

Daisy Bloom EDGE paper pieces and acrylic templates

The Daisy Bloom blocks can also be appliqued to a background fabric if you prefer and the EPP Garden Quilt As You Go acrylic template set is available here: 

The EPP Garden Quilt As You Go acrylic template set is made to work with the following sizes, (but you can also add smaller blooms if you'd like):

Daisy Blooms,
1" Dilly Flowers,
1" May Blossoms and
1.75" Blooming Stars ---coming soon---!

We would love to see your makes, please share using the following hashtag on Instagram, #DaisyBloom
You can also find us at @EliseBaek on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Sewing!

👉 Please do not share or distribute the templates in this PDF file. It is a proprietary design by Elise Baek and is for personal use only.

    Daisy Bloom EDGE PDF Template